A Walk Through The Pasture Land

fYesterday after it rained we went for a walk into the pasture. While walking the pasture this particular dragonfly caught my eye which is sitting on the Aloe Vera plant. Even after I tried to move the leaf it is not moving from there. So i thought why not take a picture of this dragonfly and captured few stills.1234567890dragonfly_pasture_cows_caterpillar123412345dragonfly_pasture_cows_caterpillarI also captured these yellow caterpillars which are completely different from each other. One looks hairy (like hair coming out of pearls) and the other one looks smooth and shiny having black dots placed on it.003After taking the pictures I thought its better to get back as it started drizzling. While heading back cows are still grazing on the pasture.d


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