Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica_66

Mimosa Pudica

Basic Details

  1. It is a perennial herb.
  2. Belongs to family Fabaceae.
  3. Other names are sensitive plant, humble plant and touch-me-not.


Mimosa pudica leaflets closes while touching, blowing or shaking. It also closes during darkness and reopens in light. This is one of the most interesting fact about this plant.

Mimosa Pudica_ sensitive plant_humble plant_touch-me-not

Mimosa pudica has fresh beautiful pink flowers at the twig but as we go down to the branch from twig we can see the flowers getting dried up loosing its beauty.

Mimosa pudica_33
Mimosa Pudica (photography by sunitha cherukupally) at Gachibowli

Mimosa pudica_100

Mimosa Pudica is a plant with beautiful pink colored flowers which looks spherical shaped and has fruits of clusture of pods and also has  thorns throughout the plant.

Mimosa pudica_55

Mimosa pudica_77

It generally grows in sunny area. As it grows older it gets more and more flowers and plant gets much denser. Mimosa Pudica also belived to have many medicinal properties.






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