Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

Trifolium_pratense_Red Clover_A

Red clover is perennial legume which has spikes of purple-red flowers and grows about 6 to 8 inches tall.  It looks very beautiful if  grown beside the pathway to your garden.

Trifolium_pratense_Red Clover_5

  Red Clover Effects

  1. Generates its own food by fixing nitrogen in the soil which helps other plants growing in the lawn.
  2. Improves Soil Tilth – Clover’s roots improve friability of the soil very quickly improving  water infiltration.Trifolium_pratense_Red Clover_81_a
  3. Grows under sun and partial shade.
  4. It stays green all summer, with little or no watering.
  5. Attracts Pollinators – Clover attracts bees, which helps pollinate your garden.Trifolium_pratense_Red Clover_9_a
  6. Inexpensive – Clover seeds are extremely inexpensive.
  7. It  generally grows in a soil which is rich in nutrients so if it is growing randomly in your garden you can know your soil is high in nutrients.Trifolium_pratense_Red Clover_6_a
  8. Clover  tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions.
  9. Unlike white clover, the red clover weeds are  liable to suffer from fungal infections.
  10.  Brown spot and powdery mildew are the diseases that attack the red clover weed.

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