Importance Of White Clover In Your Lawn

white_clover_Trifolium_repens_ Dutch_clover_herbaceous_peren2nial_plant_1.jpg

White Clover Advantages In Lawns

  1. White Clover is  immune to diseases.
  2. Generates its own food by fixing nitrogen in the soil which helps other plants growing in the lawn.
  3. Regenerates itself  by spreading vegetative growth.
  4. Grows under sun and partial shade.
  5. It stays green all summer, with little or no watering.white_clover_Trifolium_repens_ Dutch_clover_herbaceous_perennial_Weed
  6. Reduces other weeds to grow – clovers Initial tap-root grows around 3 feet deep in the soil which wont allow other weeds to grow.It has a dense root structure. 
  7. Withstands normal Traffic.
  8. Requires little or no mowing.
  9. Attracts Pollinators – Clover attracts bees, which helps pollinate your garden .
  10. Inexpensive – Clover seeds are extremely inexpensive.white_clover_Trifolium_repens_ Dutch_clover_herbaceous_perennial_Weed_
  11. Improves Soil Tilth – Clover’s roots improve friability of the soil very quickly improving  water infiltration.white_clover_Trifolium_repens_ Dutch_clover_herbaceous_peren2nial_plant1_2
  12. It  generally grows in a soil which is rich in nutrients so if it is growing randomly in your garden you can know your soil is high in nutrients.
  13. No fertilizer required – Because nitrogen fixes legume which creates its own fertilizer.
  14. If you need grass as your lawn then grow white clover on borders of lawn which  requires less care than grass planted alone.
  15. Clover  tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions.
  16. Feels soft, lushly  and cool on bare feet.
  17. Grow clover in toxic pastures. It reduces the toxic effects.
    white_clover_Trifolium_repens_ Dutch_clover_herbaceous_perennial_Weed_

    In the mist of White clover weeds(painting by sunitha cherukupally)

    white_clover_Trifolium_repens_ Dutch_clover_herbaceous_perennial_plant3



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