As I headed towards the lake, it was a beautiful view with a green grass and a blue sky with a fine mud road leading us the way. When i finally reached, it’s just the shades of green grass all around me.

PEACOCK-LAKE-UNIVERSITY-OF-HYDERABAD_PATH_travel_greenery_cold breeze_wind_grass_blue sky_colors of nature

Where can you find this lake?  

It is located back to the Humanities department of university of Hyderabad.

Why it is called peacock lake?

As we can find peacocks here roaming mostly it is called the peacock lake. Mostly peacocks come here early mornings and evenings. As I visited this place in day time I couldn’t find any.

With the height of the grass, I could barely see the lake. I had to find the place where I can see it.watching the blue sky through the green grass with the cold breeze of the wind blowing by… that was the ultimate experience. It felt like an unknown world of bliss.PEACOCK-LAKE-UNIVERSITY-OF-HYDERABAD-LANDSCAPE_travel_greenery_cold breeze_wind_grass_blue sky_colors of nature_UNIVERSITY_OF_HYDERABAD

PEACOCK-LAKE-UNIVERSITY-OF-HYDERABAD-LANDSCAPE_travel_greenery_cold breeze_wind_grass_blue sky_colors of nature


PEACOCK-LAKE-UNIVERSITY-OF-HYDERABAD-LANDSCAPE_ travel_greenery_cold breeze_wind_grass_blue sky_colors of nature

Oh yeah, finally the lake view with dark blue to light blue shades of water and  with multicolored  grass varying with green to red… with blue sky and with combination of the cool wind blowing by, it is colorful bliss of nature.

PEACOCK-LAKE-UNIVERSITY-OF-HYDERABAD-LANDSCAPE_GREENERY_VIEW_travel_greenery_cold breeze_wind_grass_blue sky_colors of nature





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