Cherishing the Solitude of Nature

4There is a beautiful place in the Hyderabad where many of the locals are also unaware of this heavenly piece of earth which  is situated in Gachibowli. Me and my friend both went to this place very recently. We took our two Wheeler from university to reach there. On the way we brought a water bottle which is a must to carry. IMG_20170822_110353614_3After driving few turns a head we no longer could take our vehicle and must go on by walk. So we parked our vehicle on the side of the muddy road and went on further by walking. As we walked further there are few scenic lakes which appeared both the sides. There lakes are spectacular to look at and the water in these lakes looks crystal clear that pebbles in the water is clearly visible.IMG_20170822_105015158_1This nature made pond with reflecting surface of the rocks and plants with a still water in it took our breath away. These breath-taking sceneries will cherish your mind.pond_Gachibowli_sunitha cherukupallyNut-grass, pebbles and different small plants and weeds in the lake added texture to this lake. I took many pictures of this lake but this particular one I liked the most.lake_Gachibowli_sunitha cherukupallyThere is a famous rock called Mushroom Rock near by this place which is called heritage rock of University of Hyderabad. Take a look at this spectacular narrow muddy road which leads to Mushroom Rock. IMG_20170822_111832851_2View of the Mushroom Rock from far. 1eBut we haven’t got much time to go to that place so we dint go up there. Yet we enjoyed the solitude nature of the surroundings.IMG_20170822_111714637There are huge rocks of different sizes everywhere with wild plants and trees. Just have a look at these amazing pictures of rocks with a dramatic cloudy background.IMG_20170822_110310227_1While heading back I took these picture of road which is all covered with shade of trees.IMG_20170822_112010478_1IMG_20170822_111902730